4SPIN is a device for preparing nanofiber layers from solutions of synthetic and natural polymers and is capable of generating random and ordered nanofiber layers with different degrees of alignment, even in sterile rooms. The device is highly modular, with central and intuitive control of all components and processes.

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When electrospinning technology is in use, the emitters and collectors are the most important pieces of equipment. 4SPIN has four fundamentally different types of emitters and collector units. Emitters facilitate the spinning of synthetic and natural polymers and affect spinning ability and process throughput.

Different types of collectors can be used to generate random and ordered nanofibre layers with varying degrees of organization.
Thanks to the device's modular system, emitters and collectors can be replaced quickly and can be used in any combination. By means of applying various combinations of electrodes, nanofibre layers can be created with controlled morphology and with different macroscopic dimensions.