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The C4 rotating collector is composed of thin wires arranged longitudinally and at the same distance from the axis of rotation. When the collector is rotated at very low speeds, fibres are also deposited between the conductive wires; the principle for the creation of aligned fibres is the same as in the case of the C2 static patterned collector. At higher speeds, electrostatic and mechanical forces are combined, increasing the degree of alignment of the individual fibres. To achieve very good fibre alignment, the collector speeds can be much lower than those of the rotating drum collector C3. In this case, the sample size is limited.

- Sample size up to (23 x 25) cm2
- High degree of fibers alignment at low revolutions
- Ready to use collecting sliding tool
- Two parameter optimization (linear surface velocity and void gap size)
- Exacting construction
- Variable void gap size (from 10 to 60 mm)


* patented

rotating patterned collector C4