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ELECTROSPRAYING - nanoparticles

The electrospraying method and dedicated technology results in the deposition of materials in the form of small beads with a diameter of tens of nanometres (nanoparticles) to several micrometres (microparticles). In recent years, the electrospray has become a prominent nanotechnology because it can repeatedly generate very small and regular nanoparticles.


The mechanism for the creation of such nanostructures is similar to the principle of electrostatic spinning. The sprayed solution, influenced by electrostatic forces, forms a Taylor cone, from which the thread is not pulled, but the still-liquid mixture falls apart into tiny droplets. The solvent evaporates from the surface of these droplets, which are reduced in diameter until they reach nano-dimensions.


The drops are a consequence of the Rayleigh instability existing when low concentrations of solutions are used. Electrospraying is used for the deposition of thin layers of biological, organic and inorganic materials.