The Contipro 4SPIN C4S Lab is a desktop electrospinning device used in the nanofiber production and the preparation of nanofiber layers from solutions of biopolymers and synthetic polymers.

It is a highly modular device composed of specially designed components. Selected process parameters are completely controlled by a central control system with intuitive handling based on a touch screen and multi-functional button.

These additional settings of process parameters significantly expand the opportunities for experimentation offered by the device and play a significant role in the creation and formation of fibers, as well as in the attainment of the required morphological parameters of the materials prepared.

electrospinning device 4SPIN



Main Functional Characteristics


electrospinning and electrolowing with the setting of a high voltage up to 60 kV

automatic configuration of collector distance, automatic discharge of residual charge

regulation of the flow velocity and air heating with electroblowing

monitoring and measurement of conditions during the nanofiber production process

easy-to-grasp intuitive control with the option of saving data to a PC

integrated dispensing system with the possibility of inserting syringes with varying volumes of solution

precise configuration of rotating collector speeds to affect the degree to which nanofiber structures are aligned

unique fiber collecting mechanism – the capacity to generate 3D structures that can be used for the development of scaffolds for biomedical use

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Electrospinning with 4SPIN - Video Introduction