The overall design of emitters has made a major contribution to the ability to spin the prepared mixture and is also a factor in the very high process throughput, making electrodes one of the most important components of the whole device.
Emitters are electrodes which enable fiber to be spun from a dosed mixture via electrostatic forces. During the electrospinning process the fiber moves in the opposite direction to the collector, which evaporates the solvent and leads to stretching and thinning. The fiber, now stiff, then makes contact with the collector, where it creates a layer of new nanomaterial.


The 4SPIN emitters are designed to provide four basic functions required to produce quality nanofiber structures:


the conductive supply of high voltage

continuous dosing of the spinning mixture

natural formation of the spinning mixture into small droplets

the feeding of airflow close to the drops that have been shaped (electroblowing)


Different electrodes for different purposes - better spinnabillity or productivity?

4SPIN has nine types of emitters E1 to E9, which can be used to prepare nanofiber materials in various forms and conditions. During spinning, there are two important aspects – spinnability and trhoughput rate – which are mutually contradictory (i.e. a jet that is good at spinning will be less productive, and vice versa).

Spinnability and throughput depend on the emitter geometry. For good spinning process, the mixture needs to be naturally shaped into very small droplets subjected to the strongest possible electrostatic forces. If emitters are to be productive, the supply of the greatest possible amount of mixture (i.e. over a large surface), efficiently spun, is imperative. This requirement leads to a larger needleless emitter area, larger droplets of mixture and the reduced effect of electrostatic forces (being less intensive).

To differ the morphology of nanofibers just choose the right type of nanofiber collector




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